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Solving Tax Problems

It can be intimidating to owe the IRS back taxes worrying they may pursue you with wage garnishments, tax liens or bank levies just as an attempt to collect the debt. With our help, you can be protected from these attempts while negotiating a resolution to resolve your tax debt.

Back Taxes

Get Back Current With The IRS And Reduce Your Total Tax Debt

Tax Liens

Protect Your Properties & Assets From Being Imposed A Tax Lien

Tax Levy

If Levied, Get An Appeal To Release Your Levy And Help Regain Ownership

Wage Garnish

Protect Your Wages From Being Garnished By The IRS

Tax Audit

Protect Your Tax Account From Or Get Representation If Being Audited

Save Time & Money

Our Service

With the help from our network of partnered licensed tax experts, IRS Tax Gurus connects taxpayers to trusted and credible tax relief specialists who can resolve your tax problem while saving you money through their negotiations. 

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How The Process Works

IRS Tax Gurus makes it easier for taxpayers to find help in resolving their tax problems.


Tell Us What's Wrong

Our Tax Solution Process first starts with a quick introduction of you and about your tax problem.


Connect To Tax Experts

We’ll connect you to our partner who we feel can best tackle your tax problem.



Our partner will then discuss with you the best way to resolve your tax problem.


Tax Resolution

Let our partner take over the process of resolving your tax debt while you live your life.

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Find Out What We Can Do For You

If you owe Federal or State tax and feel overwhelmed by your tax debt, IRS Tax Gurus can help you find a resolution that will bring you back current with the IRS and save you the maximum on your repayment.

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